uncle dave's sausage

The Famous Uncle Dave’s Sausage is a secret recipe that has been perfected over many years.

It’s made up of a blend of spices only known to two people.

Try it next time you’re in store!

Who is Uncle Dave?

In 2005, 4 years after The Pork Shop was formed, our Great Uncle left a secret sausage recipe in his will to The Gardner family of Poulton-Le-Fylde. 

The Gardner family perfected the secret recipe and it finally hit The Pork Shop counters in 2007. 

so what is an uncle daves sausage?

It’s a secret recipe that’s made up of 10 different herbs and spices. It started off as a thick skinned sausage but we have now perfected the mix and now we do Uncle Daves pork pies, sausage rolls, chipolatas, burgers, and meatballs.

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